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Adobe in a Box

The Art of Explainer Videos

In partnership with Khan Academy
  • Rebecca S., Utah, USA

  • Hridiza R., New York, USA

  • Aryaka M., Rajasthan, India

  • Raul A., Kerala, India

  • Mia D., Washington, USA

  • Matt Y. and Sean C., Ontario, Canada

  • Jonathan R., Florida, USA

  • Shafaan M., Maharashtra, India

  • Kabir G, Delhi, India

  • Lingfeng L., Ontario, Canada

The Explainer Video Challenge celebrated the creativity and instructional skills of student video creators. Congratulations to the 2022 winners:

Student explainer video challenge

How it works:


Learn the art of explainer videos from Adobe experts


Upload  to social media with hashtag #AdobeKhanCreativity


Submit your entry by filling out this form.

Tools you might need:

Simplest (just a cell phone, no editing needed)

        Adobe Spark

Sal style (mic and tablet + simple edit)

        Editing software: Adobe rush

        Adobe Spark

Val style (mic + screen record + simple graphics)

        Graphics: Adobe photoshop  

        Editing: Adobe Rush


  • Decide on what equipment you need. Keep in mind having clear audio is the most important part of a video. 

  • Now go for it and record your material. Try this a few times until you get comfortable.

  • For more production tips check out our: [worksheet PDF]

Worksheet PDF

Step 3

Temi style (mic + camera + screen record + vector graphics)

        Vector graphics: Adobe Illustrator

        Advanced editing: Adobe Premier

Jason style (camera + animation software)

        Advanced graphics: Adobe After Effects

        Advanced editing: Adobe Premier

Step 3

Step 5: Ready to share?

Upload your videos to Youtube/Social with the hashtag


Learn from industry experts

To help you on your creative journey, Adobe has produced an introductory guide to the art of making explainer videos. Join Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy, and video creators from Adobe and the Adobe community as they give you an inside look at their video-making process and inspire you to create your own explainer video.

Sal Khan

Founder, Khan Academy

"Voodoo Val"

Illustrator, Storyteller, Educator

Hillary Diane Andales

Student at MIT, Breakthrough Junior Challenge Winner

Jason Levine

Principal Worldwide Creative Cloud Evangelist, Adobe

Temi Coker


Welcome to Adobe in a Box!

Adobe in a Box is a project-based series for learners of all ages. These free, self-paced modules feature creative experts from Adobe and partners who share real-world industry insights and creative advice. The interactive videos and activities in this series help you learn, find inspiration, and see how creativity is essential for all kinds of careers. 

Project overview

In this five-step project, you’ll learn the art of making explainer videos from beginning to end. Listen to industry experts share their tips and tricks on how to select a topic, research information, and choose the right tools to produce content and share your video with the world. 

The Art of Explainer Videos

Video has become an essential way for people to learn and express themselves. The genre of “explainer videos” is particularly popular for people trying to teach or learn something new, whether for a class, a company, or on social media.

You can also check out other free courses and resources for educators that combine Adobe creative tools and Khan Academy core content on the Education Exchange

Educator resources

Teachers — use our guide to easily transform the Adobe in a Box experience into a project for your students or your entire school.


We have a tutorials page dedicated to just students! You can find help for video editing tools as well as beginning tutorials for the rest of Adobe’s creative tools. 

Where can I get more help on creating videos?

Many Adobe tools, including those with premium features, are 100% free for education. To learn more about those tools and how to access them — and to find out about Adobe’s full range of creative tools — visit the Adobe Education site.

How can I access Adobe tools?

This series is for learners of all ages! Whether you’re just starting middle school, in college, or a lifelong learner, you can tailor this project to match your skills. If you’re an advanced video creator looking for a challenge, consider using Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects.

Who is Adobe in a Box meant for?

Email any questions you may have to

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Let's get started!

Things to do and think about:

  • Brainstorm a topic or list of topics that you are excited about explaining to others.

  • Research a few other explainer videos on YouTube that explain those topics.

  • Make a list of their strengths and weaknesses.

Step 1: Pick a topic

In this video, you’ll learn the art of choosing the right topic. See where our experts find their passion and inspiration. 

Things to do and think about:

  • Settle on a topic that you’d like to make a video about. 

  • Do your prep work: Will you create an outline of what you want to cover, or are you more comfortable writing out a complete script?

  • What will you do to make sure your personality comes through?

Step 2: Research and prep

In this video, you’ll learn the art of research. It’s all about setting yourself up for success!

Things to do and think about:

  • Determine what equipment you need, keeping in mind that clear audio is critical.

  • Record your material— try it a few times until you get comfortable.

  • Check out the production checklist in the project worksheet for more tips and tricks. 

Step 3: Press record

In this video, you’ll learn the art of production. You’re ready to press record— now what?

Things to do and think about:

  • What bits of advice are most meaningful to you?

  • How do you plan to respond to feedback — particularly negative feedback?

  • Share your work in progress with a few trusted friends and family.

Step 4: Review feedback

In this video, you’ll learn the art of receiving feedback. Time to show everyone your hard work!

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